Any railfans out there

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Hospital Assn. Regional Meetings Hazmat Training. He sets up four video cameras on tripods beside the tracks and waits, listening to his scanner. Over the past 15 years, he has shot hundreds of hours of video and tens of thousands of pictures. Call it what you will, it is hard to think of a more benign hobby. Many hobbies, when considered closely, make no sense spoon collecting, anyone? But then there is railfanning, which even its disciples are hard put to explain. There are about , U. They have clubs, websites and vacation excursions. They are, like all hobbyists, consumed by the catag of minutiae.

But the postindustrial age has been tough on railfans. First the majestic steam locomotives disappeared. Then juries started giving huge awards to people hurt on the tracks, and railro grew hostile toward trespassers. Now comes terrorism. Most railfans find ways to adapt. Some substitute business-casual attire for the usual Slayer T shirt to appear less threatening. As for Almeida, "I make a lot more eye contact," he says. Then he offers his card, which lists his railfan-club affiliations. Usually, the matter is quickly resolved.

Worst of all are FLMs: fans living with mothers. Almeida is aware of the snickering. Earlier this spring, Almeida, 42, spent five hours in the cold, hoping to videotape the Ringling Bros. While waiting, he lovingly pointed out the faded markings of long-defunct railro on passing trains. Almeida tries to find humor in the new age of scrutiny.

Says Bob Weiler, a fellow railfan: "John's got four cameras. No terrorist would do that. A hush falls over the fans as a trash train, hauling a wall of Dumpsters to New York City, rumbles by. Almeida smiles and afterward offers his best defense yet: "I could find better things to do. It's just that, uh, I'm doing this.

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Any railfans out there

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