Bored looking for female company

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. I get bored of girls too easily Watch. Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1. This is something that has been worrying me recently but it's a problem I've had for as long as I can remember. Basically, I'm OK on the girl front. I'm capable of attracting girls, conversing with them, comfortable with the whole dating game and everything and I've got to the stage were I could have had a relationship with girls about a dozen times but it always falls apart because I get bored I meet a girl and they can be absolutely amazing Objectively, these girls are pretty awesome and I'd be lucky to have them but after the initial chase and first few dates I get bored with them and break things off before they have begun and I don't know why!

It just hits me one day I've had girls that were shy and there has been a long chase and other girls were they're sending naked pictures after the first date and virtually no chase but in every situation I end up bored of them. I don't even have sex with a lot of these girls so it's not a case of getting sex and then getting rid I think the problem is deeper.

Every single girl that comes into my life I get bored with! I don't know if I'm holding out for something special? I've not met the right person? I know you don't need a relationship to lead a fulfilling life but I seem completely unable to form any lasting emotional relationships with any girls despite having a ton of great friends lots of whom are girls and a perfectly normal upbringing.

Anyone been in a similar position and can offer any advice? I've always had this feeling that I don't want to settle for anything but the best but surely it isn't normal to get bored of people after a few weeks. Before people suggest I might be gay, it's an understandable suggestion but men do nothing for me and I'm still physically attracted to these girls it's just the idea of a relationship with them does not appeal to me. Not what you're looking for?

David B Badges: Report 7 years ago 2. Original post by Anonymous This is something that has been worrying me recently but it's a problem I've had for as long as I can remember. Protagoras Badges: 3. Report 7 years ago 3. Maybe you find that you can't connect with them as you need to understand yourself first and what it is YOU are looking for. It is important to keep up the friendships with these girls as if you go through lots of girls you'll soon find they all know each other somehow certainly the case in the small town where I live.

Bored looking for female company

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