Divorced women in Warren

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The of a long-running study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan are finally in, and the verdict is a depressing one: illness ificantly increases the risk of divorce. But just how much worse do your marital odds become? And perhaps more importantly, why?

Scientific studies are sometimes criticized for failing to use sufficiently large and representative population samples to collect data. Conducted by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, the massive study began over 20 years ago in Over a year period, the study tracked how marriages were impacted by serious health conditions like lung disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer.

In particular, if women over the age of 50 become ill, they are more likely to get divorced. When the study first began in , at least one member of each participating couple was 51 or older. According to Karraker, the overall divorce rate for the plus age demographic has risen as it is over the past 20 years which is a particularly interesting trend when you consider that the divorce risk is also high for people under 25 , at the opposite end of the age spectrum.

Jay Teachman in indicated that men were more likely to be left by their wives if they fell ill during their younger, income-earning years. The s are fascinating as they are; but in order for the to be fully understood and appreciated, we have to ask ourselves why.

The study did not formally address the cause of the findings, but researchers have formed their own divergent opinions. While accurate, this statement seems to disregard the gender question. After all, serious illnesses are almost always associated with emotional strain and enormous medical expenses, particularly for those who are underinsured or lack insurance coverage altogether. There has to be more to the story. Once again, Karraker may have an answer — and it has to do with the traditional gender roles of decades since passed.

In other words, Karraker is trying to politely say that older men confronted with uncomfortable caregiving tasks sometimes simply abandon ship in favor of healthier, less financially burdensome wives. Neuro-oncologist Dr. Marc Chamberlain, who works with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, doubts the findings can be pinned to the zeitgeist of yesteryear. In , Chamberlain published his own study tracking the effects of a brain cancer diagnosis on marriage and divorce. Therefore, he says, the culture of decades past cannot explain the phenomenon.

Instead, Chamberlain thinks it boils down to stubborn, timeless gender expectations. Divorce is always a complex matter, both emotionally and legally speaking. The experienced family law attorneys of Maselli Warren can help you understand and navigate the process, and will work diligently to help lighten your burden during this difficult time. If you are thinking about filing for divorce in New Jersey, or if you simply have questions about how our firm may be able to assist you, call our law offices at , or online today to schedule a private consultation.

U of Michigan Study Tracks 2, Married Couples for 20 Years Scientific studies are sometimes criticized for failing to use sufficiently large and representative population samples to collect data.

Divorced women in Warren

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