Looking to give discrete head

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Before reading through our Tableau Discrete vs Continuous guide, be sure to read our blog about Dimensions and Measures first. Once done, head back here and learn about the difference between Tableau discrete and continuous variables. On the other hand, Tableau Continuous fields always result in axes when you add them to the view. Continuous in Tableau will give you an overall trend of the data that you are looking at. While Discrete in Tableau allows you to segment the data to analyze it in different ways. This is not something that Excel can easily do. Changing these can affect how you present information.

Discrete data in Tableau is always represented with a blue pill on the shelf, while Continuous data in Tableau is always green. There are no fractions or decimals. Real s, if you remember back to math class, can take on any value — 2. Discrete variables, much like whole s, can be binned because they take on a finite of values. Continuous variables can take on any value. The following images provide more examples of Tableau discrete vs continuous variables. Understanding how these Tableau variables build your charts is essential for getting the you want. We are looking forward to your improved viz skills after learning about Tableau discrete vs continuous.

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Looking to give discrete head

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