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How can a simple bucket protect women and girls from sexual violence in the Central African Republic? The IRC has so far distributed dignity kits, which also include cloth, sanitary items, soap and shoes. And yet we are losing real opportunities of [ And at night we might not be there [ Dignity kits were not the only example of solutions deed to stop violence against women. The distribution of fuel-efficient stoves by the IRC halved the time women were forced to spend looking for firewood, often in isolated areas that increase the risks they face. More information on threats posed by a lack of clean water is available here.

Experience has taught that as more support services become available, more people feel able to report attacks. If these people are prosecuted maybe they will be punished and stop their violence against women. But as there are no such structures we are left to fend for ourselves. Women are the head of one-in-three households in CAR, with the men often having fled or ed the fighting.

Roughly half a million people — 13 percent of the population — have been internally displaced by the conflict, but those in camps are far from safe. According to the IRC, just 19 of 44 displacement camps in the capital Bangui receive services and awareness efforts focused on gender-based violence. The organisation is now in the process of sending mobile clinics to remote areas of the large country, roughly the same size as France but with just 4.

Ms Djamndo related how roaming bands of armed groups often make it impossible to move further than a few kilometres. Yet after a woman is raped she has only a few hours to prevent life-threatening injuries from becoming fatal, three days to prevent transmission of HIV, and one-week to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Those providing assistance may be targeted as well. The EU has also maintained a political dialogue with the government of President Catherine Samba-Panza to try to promote reconciliation and end the conflict with Seleka rebels and anti-Balaka groups.

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Looking woman Central African Republic

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Protecting Women and Girls in the Central African Republic