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Girls here were nice, attractive, and not overly pushy. You should be ashamed of the way you treat your staff and customers. The incredibly awkward silences and forcing the dancers to spend their own money on putting money in a juice box. They already bring the customers in, but you need more. Greedy af. I genuinely feel secondhand embarrassment for the ownership, we all know it's because you're cheap af.

This place has potential, but the awkward silences are too much to handle. Baby is by far one of the best n most amazing people to talk too. She gets to know you n makes the experience better overall. N don't forget the lap dance. Mind blowing. My clients and I would come to Mons Venus after meetings and dinners, this may now be a tradition gone down the drain.

This new wave of ladies seem to lack the class and maturity that once was there. There's now private rooms taking up space to interact as a group. No longer Mons. Dances too much. No liquor but private rooms. Ambience is off, not lively. Not many attractive girls compared to the other clubs around like scores and , especially black girls. Mons is falling apart, totally not the same.

This place is a dump! If you wanna legit club that's clean go to OZ. They have staff testing positive for coronavirus and are not requiring the remaining staff to be tested, have not shutdown to clean and have not informed any of the ladies that had been working with the covid positive staff member of his positive status.

They do not care about your health or their own. The place probably now has an extraordinary amount of positive cases, and they are doing nothing about it. When promoted with the price of admission, expressed that it was a strange amount and the admission team decided I would have to pay more for admission.

What a rip. Plenty of other clubs around that are much better people and talent. Stay away. Do yourself a favor. Be careful with your money at this place especially if you're getting a lap dance. Show exactly how much you give them or they just might become a thief. This happened to me with the woman named Jade there, she tried telling me I didn't give her the right amount of money when I know for a fact I did because I'm honest and most importantly sober.

I am in town for the week and stopped by. Need more variety I would say the majority of the girls are in shape easy on the eyes. We are better than ever!!! This was the first strip club I visited in the Tampa FL area where all the women got naked. Other places said they were full nude, but the women didn't get fully undressed. Cons: Fairly expensive cover charge, no deejay for doing music music is supplied by TouchTunes , no VIP sections for private dances, no special eventsOverall: It was a delightful experience. I visited several other strip clubs where the women did not get naked even though it was advertised as full nude.

Here, the women are getting naked for your entertainment. Went there July 21st. Had a blast seeing them pole dance. Atmosphere is super nice. When Sidney popped on stage, wow! A goddess of perfection, very special lady. Had a lot of fun with her. The girls there look so Hot. Around 20 dollars a dance. Can chill and drink outside the club.

Can go in and out as much you want til 6 am. Girls walk around completely naked. Second time stood til 6 am. Like hours there in and out. Dances are fully nude as well. Very fun. The girls were pretty! Door girl wasn't that friendly. The girls were also grateful for any cash tips. Ugh, nasty smelly and disgusting. Brought my husband to have a good time and it was embarrassingDont waste your time or hard earned money. One of the worst stripclubs ever. Sickly homely white girls only The Hispanic waitress with the long black ponytail is extremely rude and should not be in customer service let alone at a gentlemans club.

You've been warned. First time going to a strip club next and my wife had an amazing time everyone was so nice and beautiful. Our first dance was from venus and she is amazing me and my wife will definitely be back to see her. I had never been to Tampa before and wanted to checkout the clubs. Mons was the first on my list and it was a fun experience. They had so many pretty girls on stage and they just kept coming out. They have so many girls working and several 10's.

They are all so very pretty and what you would expect to find in a world known club! The club is fairly small but makes up for it with so many beautiful women that it doesn't even matter! Mons has the sweetest girls and I had so many lap dances I can't even remember how many. The lap dances are fully nude and full friction.

I had trouble parking as I had never been there before and one of the staff members kindly helped me find a parking place which I very much appreciated. I give the dancers 5 stars at this club, The club 5 stars and the staff 5 stars. Mons thanks for making my first club visit in Tampa to be such an exciting experience! If in Tampa do not miss this. Its a small cosy set up inside and the dome above the bar makes for a dramatic performance area. I remember sitting on the bar once next to a veteran. Him and the dancer squatting on the bar in front of him where comparing pictures of their puppies on their phones.

It was real and sweat. Oh, its also no booze inside which makes for a super chilled and relaxed mood. The girls here are absolute sweethearts. One of the best experiences I've ever had at a strip club. I highly recommend visiting this place. Brought my hubby here for my first time and we loved it! I love all the women here like step-sisters. Seriously though it's very good club.

A spiritual experience and my 1 place. Blair was amazing and cute as hell I will definitely be back. I had dancers with 3 girls and she was the best. Went for a friends birthday I understand they have to make money but damn they are relentless. This is a place to go for an hour or so and then move on. Blair is an incredible dancer. She dances insane. Would love to come back and see her next time. Totally crazy. Had the girl Demi not been so rude and ruined my friends birthday.. But instead of making money like a stripper typically does, she turned it into a beauty contest.

Good way to lose business. Not anywhere near other clubs Never been to such a disaster of a stripclub before. Gone way downhill. Mons doesn't disappoint. I've been all over the world and still am sure to stop here every visit to Tampa.

Mons venus strip club tampa

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