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It had been 11 days since The Dallas Morning News catapulted the Grand Prairie school superintendent from blessed obscurity to ignoble fame, accusing him on the front of the Sunday paper of all manner of financial improprieties. This was his first appearance in front of the school board since the newspaper bombshell. Sitting in the middle of a horseshoe-shaped dais, flanked by school board members, he was trying to put a normal face on the monthly meeting. But one by one, irritated Grand Prairie citizens were approaching the microphone to speak.

And so it went. It almost made you feel sorry for the year-old educator with the formerly pristine professional record. Superintendent, we know you must be innocent of these charges. After all, why would a man like you. This spring, there were lots of similar stories. If these were isolated, rare instances, we could just chalk it up to outbursts of sociopathic behavior. So we must look deeper. We must look, for example, to the fact that many public servants resent private servants. Bill Cosby, for example. He is reportedly the highest-paid entertainer in America, partly because he is able to dream up pithy things to say about Jell-0 pudding.

Surely, a regular John like Sununu must lie awake at night, fretting over the fact that guys like Cosby and Sylvester Stallone never have to think twice about using a dentist who is six states away. People who have access to huge piles of moola they themselves did not sweat to earn tend to feel less protective of it.

And when Lauro Cavazos was jetting around the country as the U. In fact, he could actually be eligible for a medal for taking only a little bit, considering what he could have done. Although the News story made it seem that Crawford was bamboozling the district for God knows how many thousands of dollars in personal purchases, the only thing the paper could specifically pin on him was the sporting equipment, which he claimed he bought for his wife a teacher and son a student to use at school.

They were instructed, instead, to simply pay the monthly American Express bill and cut Crawford checks whenever he requested them, for whatever amounts he requested. No documentation required. Former board member H. For example, several years ago the board made a trip to New York City to discuss its bond rating. The business at hand took only a few hours on a Friday. They were the seven board members, Crawford, former Assistant Superintendent Robert Goff, and a financial adviser.

Nine spouses accompanied the group at a discounted rate. I mean, on a business trip for my bank, I might hit one of those places in a week, but we hit all of them right in a row. And as long as we keep providing the candy, so will others.

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Naked Grand prairie girls

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