Nothing to dowant to chat

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It seems like they are doing the same things over and over, some without work, some with work, yet a sense of restlessness, boredom, malaise is setting in. People are losing enthusiasm. I want to share about how to communicate with each other when there really is nothing to say. I have a great deal of compassion for those descending into this energetic downward spiral. When days are all the same, time seems slower and faster, nothing new is happening and you are failing to see what you could possibly say that would be interesting.

For most of us, these days and weeks have been hard. Challenging in some or many ways. Times like these call for our ninja skills. It is these times —the difficult ones, that we have been practicing for! All the classes and practice groups and handouts where you are invited to consider the difference between observations, feelings, thoughts, assessments and where suffering lives…THIS is the time to use these skills! Like the young tennis players who finally qualify for Wimbledon. They have been practicing and practicing.

So they can come through when it means something. This is the time to remember what you have been taught. Your first task right now is to remember to differentiate between what is happening observations and the thoughts you are having about what is happening. This is what people mean when they talk about mindfulness. Slowing things down and remembering what is actually true. Here is a list of things you might talk about when there is nothing to talk about:. Talk about this itself. These are very different things. Are you afraid that it will last forever, or that the person will stop calling if you have nothing to say?

Are you concerned with what people might think if you are not your perky self? You might ask them if they are having similar experiences? Dive into an exploration of what is the same and what is different? Talk about things you wish were happening. I am dreaming of…and make up stories.

Have a conversation with someone who is having a wildly different experience than you. This might be more listening than talking. Have conversations with people who might be really struggling. Perhaps they lost someone to virus-related circumstances.

Off them a opportunity to just talk. Perhaps you know someone who is working in a hospital and is navigating a new world that is ificantly challenging for them. Have a conversation with them. Start to talk about things you are or have been inspired by. Possibly you will read a book together. You could make agreements with a few friends for your check ins to include a poem, or quote, or short story that you love.

Gratitude practice. Okay, yes. Steve and I on a call a few days ago, did an alphabetic gratitude list. You can agree that you both do all letters. Get creative. This practice for us, in this case, had us remembering things we did together, or some things that happened recently that maybe we forgot to share with each other. If you are talking to me, I find that I have almost endless capacity to talk about tennis, gardens, home de, white dishes and nonviolent communication. What do you have endless interest in? Talk about that. Do it now!!! I certainly think now would be a magnificent opportunity to make an agreement.

Or read the notes that I might have sent to you after the sessions. Give yourself a break for coming up with something to say. Call them and take the pressure off. Find someone new to talk with. I have found, even with social distancing, if I happen to run into a neighbor or someone in the neighborhood, or in line at the market, some people seem to be friendlier. Perhaps they are looking for something interesting to focus on as well? My list ends at 10 suggestions.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, reach out and ask for something else. I am fairly certain I could come up with something. Remember this is not a list of things to do to get you out of your boredom and apathy. This is a support for how to communicate even when you are bored and apathetic. In My . Back Dr. Here is a list of things you might talk about when there is nothing to talk about: 1. Stay connected!! Communication Terrie Lewine April 28, communication , corona virus , relationships 2 Comments. Mindfulness, inspiration, Health and Wellness Terrie Lewine May 11, gratitude, gratitude practice, mindfulness 6 Comments.

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Nothing to dowant to chat

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