Real women wanting real dick

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But none of them had ever paid so much attention to his penis. He did, and after conducting some internet research, he learned that his seven and a half inches rank in the 99th percentile of men. Recently, Nick had sex with another woman who told him his dick was big. Not at all. If a penis is longer than 5. For eight-inch dicks, just round up to 10 in girl inches, cmcock deduced, and beginning at eight and a half inches, girls consistently overestimate by three or four inches.

In the comments, user Separate Tea, who identified herself as a woman, said this formula checks out in her personal experience. Why is there such rampant misunderstanding of penis sizes running through the female community? Perhaps, when giving blowjobs, another Redditor posited , they get so up close and personal with penises that they seem much bigger? Cox founded the blog because his extraordinarily large penis 8. A medical journal study found that only 27 percent of participants said their member measured less than six inches, while 31 percent of the men rated themselves beyond seven inches.

If both of these outcomes were accurate, they would push the average penis size well above the accepted five to five-and-a-half-inch median. This is reflected in the language of many Reddit posts on the topic written by men. Like in the posts included earlier, men appear to be quite angry about girl inches and express those feelings with barrages of adverbs, LOLs and punctuation marks.

The gender-linked term and posts like this have prompted other men to speak out against them. Are men somehow automatically more trustworthy than women? Girls do not have to do a lot with it. Each of them indicated that they in fact empathize with the men who get bent out of shape about girl inches. Catherine also takes umbrage with what she feels is a real problem of judgment on the part of women. Both men and women would be better off if they were more informed about penis sizes.

With added confidence, men with more modest-sized penises can learn how to use them effectively , while dudes with big dicks can ease up a little. On the other hand, women — whose varied vagina sizes may be a deciding factor in sexual pleasure — can also determine their penis-size preferences more astutely.

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Real women wanting real dick

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