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This contains the full text of the PARLINE database entry on the selected parliamentary chamber, with the exception of Oversight and Specialized bodies modules which, because of their excessive length, can be only viewed and printed separately. Export mailing lists Phone 45 69 Fax 18 33 E-mail sgm senado.

Voting system Majority: Block vote. Each elector has as many votes as the of candidates elected in each constituency. When two thirds of the seats are to be renewed, each elector votes for two candidates. When one third is to be renewed, each elector votes for one candidate. Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by substitutes elected at the same time as titular members.

If no substitute is available and there remain at least 15 months before the end of the term of the member concerned, by elections are held. Voting is compulsory, abstention being punishable by a fine. It took seats in the member Chamber of Deputies and controlled 58 seats following the partial renewal of the member Senate. Rousseff won the run-off presidential elections held on 26 October, narrowly defeating Senator Neves.

The latter was backed by Ms. President Rousseff's PT - in power since - ran on the government's record, citing its success in reducing unemployment. It promised to expand the social welfare programme, in particular the Bolsa Familia, the family allowance for low-income families that covers about one-fifth of the population. The PSDB also promised to maintain the Bolsa Familia, while promoting business-friendly policies and a smaller role for the State in the economy. It proposed to reduce the minimum age at which minors can be tried as adults for serious crimes from 18 to 16 years old.

The PSB opposed this plan, and promised better protection for indigenous communities. Date of the first session of the new parliament: 1 February Name of the new Speaker: Mr. Modules: General information Electoral system Last elections Presidency. General information Electoral system Last elections Presidency. Ilana Trombka: General Manager. Export mailing lists. Majority: Block vote. of registered electors Voters Blank or invalid ballot papers Valid votes.

Round no 1. Total of seats. Source: Senate

Text for sex Brazil

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Sexual politics and sexual rights in Brazil: an overview