To have sex in Singapore

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To all Singaporean exhibitionists, we get it, you need to get frisky—whenever and wherever you can. If you die die want to have a romping good time in public, you might as well take it to the cli max with these 16 extreme spots in Singapore to have sex. Disclaimer for the easily triggered: We are strictly against anything that breaks the law and this article is tongue-in-cheek and meant to be in good fun. Like your overly pent up sexual tension. Take advantage of the natural bumpy back seats of public buses for the extra oomph in your thrust. Hold onto your hard hats, because the drilling is about to get real.

For the thoughtful exhibitionist couple, you can now take your raunchy photos and decorate them as a souvenir too. Just remember, once broken considered sold. Forget Viagra. To heighten your sexual sensations, just climb up an overhead bridge, climb on top of your babe and do it Titanic Style over the railings. Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the hard on goes on. Blend in with the yogis and get flexible with the downward-facing dog gy style. They say the largest sex organ of the body is the brain. Cover image: Source. Kathleen loves drinking coffee and watching cartoons in her free time.

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Kathleen Leong Kathleen loves drinking coffee and watching cartoons in her free time. Zula YouTube.

To have sex in Singapore

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