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Forgot your password? I wish these people would stay downstairs. Perhaps talking to management would help? Already done but they mgt say that some people prefer the place even busier than it is now I can't imagine that.

Maybe when they finish the deck more people will go there leaving room for those of us inside who are looking for that "close encounter". We were there Saturday night and know exactly what you mean. Upstairs in the main room there was lots of socializing, but no interaction at all. In the hallway by the restrooms there was a very loud group discussing birthdays and trying to get somebody to give up their panties. My wife and I were in the back room with three other couples where were there to have fun, but the party crowd was really kind of distracting.

We still had a fantastic time at Menages, as always, but it would be nicer if the people not interested in participating would stay downstairs. Yes, she was a cutie. Last night was the first time that we have ever been to this kind of a social club. We have often been to BDSM clubs where things stop before actually "doing the deed". Because of the loudness of the music, I found it much harder to "mingle". I must just be old! Once we moved to the upstairs, it was much easier to talk. S and I did make it to the back room before it got busy with 2 other couples and had a fun time.

Though it's not easy doing everything on couches! I did see a lot of what Tanman was talking about with people moving into the play areas and having major conversations. I'd say they need an in-between area, one that does not have the loudness of the main area but that people can sit and talk, mingle, catch-up, whatever! The staff was very welcoming, friendly and helpful. It would have been nice to have some sort of nibbles available since you do work up an appetite. Overall, we did have a good time and look forward to checking out a few more places.

Hey Tymkeepr, I'm happy ya'll had a good time! Why not submit your review in our club sections? The feedback will be invaluable to others in the future! We are new to the "Lifestyle". The wife and I are planning on going sometime in may. These thre are giving a good he up on what to expect when we get there. Sounds like its going to be pretty busy. We are going to try and get a weekend pass and hopefully last throughout the weekend.

I am sure its going to be an exciting time. I will be able to see my wife in action, and just thinking about it right now is making me nuts! Hi - I heard there are two clubs in the Nashville area. Anyone know the other one?

We would like to try Menage, but the reviews here make me wonder if the other club might be the way to go. Pretty sad when the vanilla crowd takes over a LS club because it's more open-minded. We see that here in the Houston area. Where are the swingers? The other club is The Tenessee Social Club We used to go there but not anymore, single guys sure do enjoy it though. I guess the use fees do serve the dual purpose of encouraging only middle-upper class members, but we have too many things to spend our resources on to blow that much in one evening unless it's a special occasion.

Hey, it is even higher at the clubs in Atlanta. Menages is very nice, it seems to me that alot of people go upstairs just to watch not really participate. It's couples, only upstairs and very classy. Hi - We are relatively new to the area and are planning to visit Menages for the first time next Saturday if the babysitter thing works out. It looks like TSC is fairly close so we were thinking of checking out both clubs. Anyone planning on going next weekend? Thanks for the suggestion.

We are planning on going to Menages first, so I don't think we'll be driving by both to check them out. You really don't know until you go in and give it a chance, right. Gabby, we travel to Menages a few times a year from AR, since it's the closest on premise club to where we live. That is not to say that TSC is not any good Menages has a nice appearance from the outside, while TSC looks like it was a metal warehouse building. We have finally gone to menages for two nights and man was it awesome!

The people were beautiful,friendly, naked, and lots of skin on the dance floor. Don't forget the playrooms upstairs and downstairs. We did play alittle bit while everyone was doing there own thing! I could not believe we actually went there and played in front of every one there, It didnt really matter because everyone else was occupied as well.

Saturday night was the best night, there were more people on the dance floor and in the rooms. I wish that night could have gone on forever, but they do have to close at 2am. But that is where the local hotel comes in, and if you have a chance to hook up with another couple, the night doesn't really have to end.

We did not hook up with any one else but we did continue our party of two when we got back to the hotel. We are looking forward to going there again in the future, and you can have a great time there as well! Good luck and don't forget to post your experience on the board!

Hi all - We made it to both places last night. TSC is alot like a warehouse, but it has alot of play rooms, which is nice. And it has a nice back room for couples only. Though you cannot bring your drinks back there. That's a shame because it has a nice view of the city skyline and many little curtain covered alcoves for playing. Very nice. My one criticism of the club is that many of the clientele are a little too casual. Jeans and t-shirts, baseball caps, etc. One woman even brought her dog.

There is nothing wrong with that if you are into the casual thing, but when we go out to a swing club we like to dress up, wear sexy clothing and see other people in sexy clothing. It's part of the fun, you know?

Being around sexy people and feeling great yourself. We stayed there for awhile and then headed over to Menages, which as newbees said, was great. We really liked the look of the place and the everyone seemed to be having a great time. Lots of places for playing, but the upstairs was a little chilly. We had some fun in the Paris room, but there was a leak in the ceiling that dripped on one of the couches and made it quiet wet. A little odd. Other than those two minor things we thought it was a successful evening.

Did they completely get rid of the "lounge" area? That would really suck if they did. Hope that doesn't happen at the Austin clubs. No, the lounge area upstairs is still there. And it was pretty busy. We didn't see alot of couples play up there, but there was some. It looked like alot of couples just having a good time together.

And alot of folks standing around watching. There is also a nice balcony off the front there. Shelly, if you are asking about the "lounge area" upstairs, meaning the bar area then the answer is unless they've changed it in the last 6 months It's still there, although we have never seen it being used. Do you mean the third floor, where there is also a balcony?

The night we were there it was full of people getting busy. And lots of onlookers also. The Paris room in the floor below was also busy. You can post now and register later. If you have an , in now to post with your . Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. in anonymously. Another great night at Menages in Nashville but Recommended Posts. Tanman aka Mike and Marie Posted March 23, Share this post Link to post. Posted March 25, Some clubs are getting very crowded. They tend to overflow into the intimate areas.

Posted March 26, Carol-n-Gary Posted March 27, Oh, and how about the new cutie tending bar upstairs;. TymKeepr Posted May 25, OhioCouple Posted February 15, Gabbycat Posted March 24,

Tsc swingers club nashville

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